2019-2020 Tryout Information

Come experience the excitement of Odyssey All-Star Cheer!  Our CHAMPION family and our dedicated staff are paving the road for excellence and building leadership through unity, commitment and team work.  Our mission is to train our athletes with integrity, discipline, respect and encouragement while boosting confidence in themselves and providing opportunities for lifelong friendships and memories.

At Odyssey Cheer Company we are committed to providing your athletes with the best coaching and skill building available so that they may have a healthy and successful future in cheerleading.  We value and honor all athletes equally no matter their age or skill level and foster a love of cheerleading through safe and consistent progression.

For the 2019-2020, Odyssey Cheer Company will accept 125 All-Star Prep and Competitive Athletes.  Our team evaluations are as relaxed as possible – individual athletes will sign up for a private evaluation time to demonstrate dance, jumps, tumbling, flying ability (if applicable).  Each evaluation will conclude with a short interview to go over athlete goals for the upcoming season.

Evaluation Procedures:

  1. Schedule a tryout time with the front desk by calling 281-741-0531 OR request a tryout time in your parent portal under the EVENTS TAB.  Parent Portal Link: https://app.iclasspro.com/parentportal/odysseycheerco 
  2. Schedule your athlete to attend a tryout clinic - this can only be done by visiting the front desk or calling 281-741-0531.  This ensures that your athlete is registered for the right level clinic.  Tryout clinic cost is $25 (clinic fee is waived for PAID Open Work Group Participants).  
  3. Learn the tryout dance: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9arahl21obee1wi/AABkQ0mhDpCo_eGWeez3qh71a?dl=0 (if you missed clinic - DO NOT STRESS ABOUT THIS - this dance just helps us in learning more about athletes)! 
  4. Read through the 2019-2020 Tryout Packet (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PACKET).  All-star cheerleading is a SELECT sport and require a large time and financial commitment.  Please make sure you understand what you are committing to.
  5. Turn in the 2019-2020 All-Star Registration Form, Parent & Athlete Rules Form & the Credit Card Authorization Form found in the tryout packet.
  6. New athletes - turn in a photo and birth certificate.  Returning athletes - turn in a current photo.
  7. If you are not a current member, a $55 non-refundable registration fee per athlete will apply.
  8. Submit practice wear & practice bow payment on or before your tryout time.  $200 for competitive teams & $100 for prep and showteams.

Odyssey Cheer Company will always do what is best for a team to grow and have success throughout the season.  Athletes will be considered for teams based on age, level availability and the following skill requirements.  Please note that athlete maturity, dance ability and jumping skills are also taken into consideration during team evaluations.  Skills MUST be consistent and demonstrate STRONG technique in order drive the future success of a team.  The following skills will asked to be shown at tryouts:

Showteam (Ages 3-6) 

No Skill Requirements

All-Star Prep (Ages 5-14)

Forward Roll, Cartwheel, Kick to Handstand and Push up to Bridge

Level 1 (Ages 6-18)

Back Walkover,  Valdez, Back Walkover (Switch Leg) & Front Walkover

Level 2 (Ages 6-18)

Standing Back Handspring, Valdez Back Handspring, Back Walkover Back Handspring,  Round-off Back Handspring Series & Front Walkover Round-off Back Handspring

Level 3 (Ages 6-18)

Punch Front, Standing Back Handspring Series, Round-off Back Handspring Tuck, Aerial & Toe-Touch Back Handspring

Level 4 (Ages 6-18)

Standing Back Tuck, Back Handspring Tuck, Toe Back Handspring Tuck & Round-off Back Handspring Layout & one additional Level 4 Elite Tumble Pass

At Odyssey Cheer Company, our goal is to discover and grow athlete strengths.  In the event that an athlete possesses exceptional strength in another area besides tumbling (ex: basing or flying), the athlete may be considered for a higher level team.  We are looking for well-rounded athletes with strong work ethic - simply having the necessary tumbling skills does not guarantee that a candidate will automatically make that level team.  

Odyssey Cheer Company